In order to help controling the COVID-2019, Wabon has engaged in developing the Face Recognition Thermometer. It’s a smart device which combines face recognition system and thermometer.

In traditional case, people should use a thermal gun to scan one’s temperature and ask him/she to record his/her information. They can enter a public space only after they finish the check and this wastes much time. To solving this problem, our team has develop the Face Recognition Thermometer WB-HF70T.

With high grade thermal model, WB-HF70T can recognize one’s face and temperature in 1 second. And it accuracy is ±0.3℃. We using a supersonic model to insure the best working distance between 0.3-0.5 meters. If a person’s temperature is abnormal, the device will set an alarm so. Then we can quickly mark the people with abnormal temperature and let them for further check.

Beside its recognition speed, WB-HF70T also has these advantage:

1. Android operating system wich has friendly interface and it’s easy to develop other application.

2. High thickness touch screen offers outstanding impact resistance and it’s difficult to be smashed.

3. Famous brand A+ grade IPS screen with long lifetime and high reliability.

4. High dynamic range and anti-backlight camera which can clearly cature image under strong backlight.

We are confident to say that Wabon WB-HF70T really do its best at quickly scanning one’s temperature. We also ffer customize design which means we can design a unique type for you including defferent appearance or hardware. You can also manage all this device in your computer via our software which can store all the attandance data. If you want to know more about Waboin, please click