When you come to a restaurant, you need to wait in line, then you talk to the receptionist and order your food. You will waste lots of time in this procedure at lunch time or dinner time. But under the help of self service kiosk, you will no longer waste that time and you can quickly order your food.

WB-HA21 is one of our newest design self service kiosk. It comes with user friendly interface, high performances and reliability to help consumers order goods or foods. The consumers can easily pick up items in the store and process payments in many convenient ways, such as credit card, scanning QR-code, etc. One of the highlight features is that this machine can be equipped with a face recognition device, it can save much time to wait in line for consumers. With some smart features on this machine, it provides an excellent solution to improve the managing efficiency and save labor for retails and restaurants.

WB-HA21 has these features:

  1. High performance RK3288 mainboard;
  2. G+G Highly sensitive capacitive touch screen;
  3. Famous brand high quality A grade LCD screen;
  4. High speed thermal printer;
  5. Global field high speed QR code recognize model, supporting paper and screen;
  6. Customize design is available including appearance, function.

With its 21.5 inch IPS screen, it has enough space to show all kinds of information. And you can show your own advertisment, your own menu via the SDK. Based on the Android OS, you can develop your own application on this device easily. If you have any other ideas, you can customized design your own verision with different appearance, function, etc. If you want to know more about Wabon, please click www.wabon-ai.com.