As the pandemic is still not under control, we should keep from each other in a safe distance. In tradition occasion, you use a thermal temperature gun to scan a person’s forehead. Although it has no contact, but people still keep in very close distance. So this way is not safe enough. Besides, when people enter their community or company, etc, you can just mark a person with your pen and paper. But with the help of WB-HF70T face recognition temperature measurement, this situation may be changed.

After our team’s hardworking, we finally developed the face recognition temperature measurement WB-HF70T to solving these problem. Now you can put WB-HF70T in any entrance. When someone enter your building or company, etc, he/she must stand before the device and check the temperature. You just watch this procedure at a sate distance and you don’t need to do anything else. If a person’s temperature is higher than the normal value, the device will set an alarm so that you can immediately know whether a person has fever. If you had already input the local people’s data or your company’s employees’s data into the device, you can quickly know whether he/she comes from other places.

You can hang WB-HF70T on wall or put it on the desktop or floor with its stand. So you don’t worry about where you can install this device. To offer the best quality to our customer, WB-HF70T is built with full metal frame which is processed by CNC machining. It uses famous brand touch screen and LCD screen. Besides, we also use high performance RK3288 platform which can ensure the device can run Android application smoothly.

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement WB-HF70T is only one of Wabon’s smart device. Wabon has 16 years’ experience on manufacturing hardware. We have a strong technical team and production line. Also customize design is available. If you want to know more about Wabon, please click